So you want to be a Djedi? A Wizard? An Alchemist? What does it all mean?

It is a Return, but not the stuff of movies. It is a Return, Remembrance, and Reimagined Way of Living based and formed around ancient Egyptian/Kemetic principles. This Art was a Spiritual, dedicated Way of not only living but also in the perception of Reality and its base Energies. Often referred to as Mystics, Shaman, Wizards, Prophets, and the like. There is no chosen one. There is no guru. The only requirement to enter into Djedi Alchemy is showing up and choosing this path. There is no dogma outside of self-experience and applicable growth mathematics that set the current trajectory in the direction of improving Life.

Djedi... Not "Jedi". While the excitement and idea of becoming a Star Wars Jedi Knight does sound appealing, this is not that. Cosplay, this is not that. Larping... Lol, funny, but not that either. Djedi have been referenced in ancient Egyptian/Kemetic text long before the films that arrived in the 1980s. Notably, the Djedi were the Mystics that guarded the Pharaoh and Esoteric Secrets of those Ages. Using technology/magic, they were able to move objects without touching them. (Many believe they were using some type of electromagnetism. Ideas behind these devices can be seen in Hieroglyphs.) Understanding properties of plants and minerals, they were able to create medicines/potions in ways unknown to their "modern scientific community" and thus were called Wizards and Sages.