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So you want to be a Djedi? A Wizard? An Alchemist? What does it all mean?

It is a Return, but not the stuff of movies. It is a Return, Remembrance, and Reimagined Way of Living based and formed around ancient Egyptian/Kemetic principles. This Art was a Spiritual, dedicated Way of not only living but also in the perception of Reality and its base Energies. Often referred to as Mystics, Shaman, Wizards, Prophets, and the like. There is no chosen one. There is no guru. The only requirement to enter into Djedi Alchemy is showing up and choosing this path. There is no dogma outside of self-experience and applicable growth mathematics that set the current trajectory in the direction of improving Life.

Djedi... Not "Jedi". While the excitement and idea of becoming a Star Wars Jedi Knight does sound appealing, this is not that. Cosplay, this is not that. Larping... Lol, funny, but not that either. Djedi have been referenced in ancient Egyptian/Kemetic text long before the films that arrived in the 1980s. Notably, the Djedi were the Mystics that guarded the Pharaoh and Esoteric Secrets of those Ages. Using technology/magic, they were able to move objects without touching them. (Many believe they were using some type of electromagnetism. Ideas behind these devices can be seen in Hieroglyphs.) Understanding properties of plants and minerals, they were able to create medicines/potions in ways unknown to their "modern scientific community" and thus were called Wizards and Sages.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

-Arthur C. Clarke

Even in the times, we live in now, many will disbelieve many things simply due to lack of understanding, acceptable societal status, and more often than not, ego. This is not meant to be directed as judgment. It is simply a mathematical equation of one section, of the Grand Math that makes up our Worlds. It's much more efficient to just accept that some people have programs and sub-programs that create distortion. It is for each individual to learn to disperse their distortion and find Harmony. All a Djedi can do is offer Light onto their path in whatever Truth they are ready to receive. Understand, the human body IS a "receiver" of Frequency and Energy. Even if the individual disregards the idea at the moment, do not doubt their ability to "receive" the Truths that are embedded in your words. Most Humans are in Resonance with Ultimate Truths, so even it takes time to reach that part of their psyche; if it is an Ultimate Truth, it may be just the thing that allows them to remember. It is important to consider this Mental Program when engaging those that do not know how to be open and objective. It is even more important to remember this Mental Program when Djedi themselves are coming to conclusions.


Objectively attack each situation from every side imaginable, regardless of the personal feelings of the individual. Emotions are very real. Very important. But as a mathematical factor, not an executable program. Transmuting the personal value of emotions into high-value mathematical factors is one of the most difficult tasks for a Djedi Alchemist to master. Emotional override being one of the first programs embedded into us as children. In no way does this mean to mask, hide, or not feel emotions. On the contrary, a true Djedi Alchemist feels generally much deeper than others. Empaths can relate to this deep emotional feeling. As the Energy body and Physical body come into Harmony, it amplifies the receptors of both of them. Widening the Spectrum of what the Djedi's senses are able to experience. The deeper the understanding of something, the closer to its base form are you able to see. The deeper the emotional understanding is the same. Shadow work is a greatly relatable term when it comes to this context. Many Djedi will feel an emotion come on and allow themselves to fall deeply into its truest form, unidentifiable or placable onto a person, place, or experience. Pure joy. Pure sadness. Pure gratitude. None for a particular reason other than to understand and master the emotion. It is as hard as it sounds but a worthwhile pursuit for the Djedi.


Lightsabers? No, Aurablades. Fortunately, we live in a time of great technology! Even hints of ancient and advanced technologies have begun showing up around the Worlds. As referenced in the Index and other materials provided here, a Djedi uses technology in ways common society does not. While the design of our current Aurablades were created from the components of replica "Lightsabers", our Aurablades are something only a Djedi would use. Not for play. Rarely for combat. But for discipline, healing, frequency studies, and familiarizing themselves with the entire Djedi Alchemy system through this delicate Energy Tool. Following in traditional martial arts, a weapon is to be an extension of the physical body. Djedi are users of both their physical and their energy bodies. So the Aurablade was designed to mirror functionality in both areas as well. Using Resonance Technology from Mystech, the Aurablades are "Imprinted" with their corresponding Frequencies, to their corresponding Chakra points and their colors. A red Aurablade has nothing to do with the "Dark Side". It is actually Imprinted to 396hz for the Base/Root Chakra. The audible binaural beat 396hz is embedded into the Aurablade hum. Sitting in meditation, doing the Djedi Mantra for the Base Chakra, while holding a Root Aurablade is quite an experience. Compounding multiple layers of Resonance, Frequency, Intention, Breathe, and Visualization, Djedi create multiple layers of Harmony, which in turn creates multiple variants of the Conductor State. If Harmonized correctly, this creates an opportunity to enter the Maestro State, it is in this State where the deep secrets can be revealed. The quickest transformations of programs and sub-programs in both your inner and outter Worlds. This is the main function of an Aurablade. There will be more information available on a Blog dedicated to them. It is important to stress the use, creation, and idea behind the modern Djedi's tool. A final mention about the Aurablades; even the Kata Fighting Forms of the Djedi Alchemist are a fusion of Tai Chi and Kendo, focusing on movements and styles directed at one Chakra at a time to match the color and frequency of the Aurablade a Djedi is practicing with.

Djedi. Wizard. Alchemist. To walk in the Energy, Knowledge, and Understanding of our perceived Reality, peels back layers of distortion. It is a Djedi Mind Shift to walk, talk, and fully embrace the Art of the Djedi. To use the information, technology, and emotions in ways they have studied and experienced themselves, not what is suggested or demanded to be True.

“What is the truth, but a lie agreed upon.” . -Friedrich Nietzsche Given the current state of the Worlds, many of the "Truths" society has agreed upon, have created so many non-functioning or fulfilling Systems. That is not to say we have not also reached some amazing heights for man-kind. We have! Djedi are those who choose to study those Systems. Our shared Reality is just that, shared. It is important to consider this when attempting to find Harmony in the Reality. Pointing the finger at the Systems or People without having Harmony in one's Life is... pointless? Once each individual reaches even a Conductor State, their ability to see the Harmony in all things that benefit Life becomes very clear. Self-serving value systems transmute into Life serving value systems. And when two Djedi that are in Harmony come together to create big shifts, their individual Harmonic Energies resonate and manifest new fields that ripple throughout space-time. Choosing to change from the inside is something we each have the ability to do without relying on others to fix it for us. We can act and learn from places of non-judgment and non-predetermined outcomes. Everything is possible, you just have to tune in and find a way. That doesn't mean it will be easy. That it won't take time. That it might cost you everything. But finding a symbiotic way to live in Harmony with each other, nature, and technology in all its forms is the Way of the Djedi. The Wizard. The Alchemist.

Halo Marques

Djedi Alchemist

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