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Order of Alchemy

Ages ago, in a splinter of the Multi-verse near the spacetime, we share now, was an ancient Order of Alchemists known as the Djedi. Some text refers to Egypt/Kemet as their place of origin but this is simply the Time they transmuted into this manner of Service.

Stewards of Life, esoteric knowledge, and practitioners of manipulating energy fields both tangible and intangible. Understanding that everything has a pattern, a calibration, a frequency. Researching and learning about these phenomena through a process called Gnosis. Which means, "Knowledge from Experience". They considered the individual experience to be the ultimate "Truth".

Wielding this knowledge of self and environment, down to the materials the Earth itself was made of, allowed them to create and harness fields of energy through ancient technology we now call "Magic". The device you are viewing this would have been considered magic in the 1400s but it is simply a stronger understanding of what we now call Science. In the end, it is all "Technology" no matter the vernacular you prefer. 

Djedi Alchemy is a remembrance and recreation of this ancient Art. Combining schools from many ancient and advanced practices in energy work and our current working technologies. A Djedi Alchemy at its core is far beyond just a practice. It is a lifestyle. A dedication to pursuing true harmony with self and the environment you navigating. Acknowledging the connection we have with all things, elements, and fields of energy we cannot percieve. Learning to control your own body's calibration both physically and spiritually grants the ability to manipulate, to a degree, fields of energy. Similar to Reiki or Qi Gong. As with all things, there are Levels to these abilities that require more than just time and practice, but also specific frequency harmonization within self and the environment. Depending on the Level of the Alchemist, the manipulation of this energy can help to heal the user and any lifeform they can send a frequency to. 

In all cases the Djedi, meaning "Pillar of Light" carried with them tools for transmutation. As there are many systems in the body, each system requires different tools for optimization. Most of these devices were magnetic, harmonic, and elemental in nature. Created and focused upon sacred geometry and its divine patterns were the secret to the Djedi Arts. The human body is only one apparatus able to perceive and affect our reality. This was of great note to the Djedi, as it is made of minerals, metals, and electricity, therefore required it to be the first tool to begin to master.

Armed and shielded with these understandings, the Djedi Alchemist believes math is the fundamental Key to unlocking the secrets of Life. Emotions are great ways to exaggerate numbers in both good and bad ways. This math has to be accounted for in the Djedi Arts and is usually the most difficult part of realization before the release of chaotic thoughts and control.

Breathe is the first addition and subtraction we are introduced to when we arrive here. Control starts in the breath. The breath controls the energy flow. The energy flow controls the meridians. The meridians control the chakras. The chakras control the electricity. The electricity controls the body. The body perceives reality. 

All of these things are made up of Frequencies. The Djedi Alchemist uses all at their disposal to manipulate either the frequencies inside the body, in the environment around them or how they are able to perceive these waves to broaden their perspective for a deeper understanding of everything. Only by seeing things at their core are they able to truly see how to create harmony. If the World is a canvas, Djedi are great artists guiding elements and frequencies into a master of peace.

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