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Acknowledging the energy of a person, place, or thing and creating multiple new potential outcomes objectively. The consideration and implementation of transmuting any of these things into a more harmonic and navigatable experience.

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The ability to transmute/change one energy/thought/material into something else of equal or lesser value. "Equivalent Exchange" is considered Multiversal Law. You cannot create something without something equal in size/energy/vibration/value system.

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A Djedi's most useful energy tool. A Lightsaber, it is not. Similar in shape, size, and use however this is not a toy or replica from a show/movie. Aurablades are energy devices that are meant to be an extension of your energy body as traditional martial weapons are to be extensions of the physical body. Made with metals and a polycarbonate tube that focus and spreads Light that comes from the handle. Aurablades use Resonant Technology from Mystech. This allows each color of Aurabalde to be imprinted to the matching Chakra Colors Frequency. These include 396hz, 417hz, 528hz, 639hz, 741hz, 852hz, and 963hz. Aurablades are to be in conjunction with parts of the Djedi Alchemy program.

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Energy centers throughout the body. Connected to energy meridians that mirror the Circulatory System. Djedi Alchemy acknowledges the awareness of far beyond the base 7 Chakra's System but focuses primarily on the 7 until the Alchemist chooses to branch off into that Art if they so choose. Interestingly enough the Chakra system in color Spectrum, matches not only the rainbows spectrum, but also matches the Solfeggio Musical Scale and exact Frequencies as well. This Pattern is considered The Law of Harmonic Frequencies.

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Pillar of Light. A being that carries themselves in the knowledge and wisdom of the energy and perceptions that create our Reality. Using these considerations and abilities at hand, the Djedi enters into situations, environments, and conversations with the Soul Purpose of Harmonizing each situation, while acquiring information to Alchemize into new forms of healing, progression and perspectives. The only "Mastery" a Djedi may achieve is momentary as each new experience creates oportunity for fine tuning. Dedication to this study is implemented in ways to strengthen and focus the Djedis own Ka to be bright, strong, and illuminating as a Pillar of Light.

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In Djedi Alchemy, "Energy" is referenced across a broad spectrum of terms, as it IS all the fields of frequency/vibration throughout the Spectrum of Light our reality is perceived as. In modern science it is know that humans can only see and hear parts of the spectrum of light and sound due to our limited human bodies(bio-aparatus). Animals with different sensory abilitys can see or hear things outside of the human spectrum. Tools and certain physical calibration/mental/emotional states can allow for a wider spectrum to engage with. This "energy" in context can also be referred to and/or compared to things like: Electricity, electromagnetic fields, chi, mana, prana, chakra, spiritual pressure, and the like. The aspect of being Energetic Beings is also important to consider even in our speech, as an enjoyable person is considered "positive" and a draining person is considered "negative". These are terms of electricity. Furthering onto that, when someones heart stops, they run electricity through them to "bring them back". Understanding Energy and all its forms is an endless pursuit for the Djedi Alchemist.

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The rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light), usually measured per second. This traditional definition is a good baseline for Djedi use of the term. Learning specific patterns and numbers, aparatuses and devices involving Frequenices, allow the Djedi to manipulate them. Similar to a radio station, Frequenices are exact and specific to the digit. All things have a Frequency and many things create fields of those Frequencies. Distortion in a normally Harmonious field creates many difficulties in our experience of the Spectrum we live in.
HarmonyIn Music it usually means simultaneously occurring frequencies, pitches (tones, notes), or chords. Harmony that creates a chord, is when 2 different frequencies resonate together in a way that manifests a 3rd sounding note/frequency. Djedi Alchemy applies this Law to all percieved forms of reality, as all reality is simply percieved Frequencies. Rather enjoyable or not, our daily experience is based off of the harmony or disharmony we have within our lives.

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In ancient Egyptian/Kemetic text, the Ka is the term used for the Soul or Energetic Body of each living thing. When the body transitions to death, the Ka being Energy (which can only be transferred, not destroyed) moves on. In Astral Projection, the Ka is what leaves the physical body and navigates the Spectrum of Frequencies you are calibrated to.

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Principles that can be applied throughout the Spectrum of Life and the human experience. A Law must be true regardless of what situation you apply it to. Laws are almost the exact opposite of a System. A Law is absolute and broad in its use. A System can be broken down and changed into another System of similar use.

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Connected pathways, similar to circuits that allow Energy to travel through them. In reference, Energy Meridians in the body are what allow Energy from Chakra points, the Ka itself, Chi, and other Energy types to flow through the body. The Earth itself has Meridians called Ley Lines.

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The color spectrum is a great reference point for understanding the Djedi meaning of the term "Spectrum". In the Chakra System, the colors ascend from Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Purple-White. In a more base sense, the term references similarly to a gauge or scale. This goes beyond perceivable fields of energy normally perceived with the human body.

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A design, program, or blueprint in reference to our perceived reality. IE: Nervous System, Computer Program, Diet, Chakra System, Star System, and the like. Many parts of our experience are based on a system and/or combination of Systems. The Djedi studies these Systems in-depth to deconstruct them to their base nature. In this form, it has the highest potential to be transmuted into a more desirable system. Systems are almost the exact opposite of a Law. A Law is absolute and broad in its use. A System can be broken down and changed into another System of similar use.

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