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“If there's anyone one this planet that I can say has truly impacted, inspired and innovated my life it is Halo Marques. Halo has truly reflected what it means to integrate and embody authentic action. The first time I had the opportunity to connect with him was at Shakti fest (a global yoga festival) and as I walked into his Mystech booth I felt the radiance of his energy and immediately became interested in more of what he did and how he does it. My years of studying philosophy gave me a lens to view reality with curiosity but when I found myself connecting with Halo he supported me in taking the philosophy and putting it into action. Throughout these years Halo has acted as a true mentor for me, showcasing the value of gratitude, giving back, and leadership. He's offered me an opportunity to mature, self-actualize and deepen my self-authority. Upon using his Mystech gear I've noticed significant shifts in my energy levels, having my migraines leave, feeling more supercharged and present. The alchemy of Halo's work has inspired me to understand the transmutation of energy, his teachings gave me a practical approach to shadow work, embracing my inner realms and the growing pains of change viewing them through the stages of alchemy. As Halo continues to walk Earth I am truly grateful for the opportunity to connect with him and would encourage you to explore his products, services and reflection. Thank you Halo for the gift of your being!”



"I’ve had Halo on my international radio show and YouTube many times. I’ve worked with him since 2016. He definitely has what it takes to be one of the best coaches, healers, intuitive that I’ve ever met. Just his energy alone it’s so healing and uplifting. I’ve experienced his long-distance Reiki healing and it is effective. I highly recommend him. He’s very humble yet I see him as a genius."



I met Halo Marques back in 2011, I think. He talked about Reiki healing and crystals. Everyone thought he was crazy but I was always intrigued, especially when he got rid of my migraines. Now I've bought a few of his pieces throughout the years, 1 that has always been in the center of every home I've had. I've always had anxiety but lately, my levels have been thru the roof. I ordered a beautiful rose quartz piece to be greeted with another amazing piece and some of my old faithful white bracelets, I would rock all the time. Not lying within 5 minutes of putting the stones on I feel like I can breathe, weight lifting off my chest and my mind feeling light. I know so many people who feel like me or worse than me, especially right now. I urge you to take a second and check out what he has. Feeling like this is worth every penny!


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