Djedi Foundational Breath Introduction: Detox your mind with this simple breath exercise

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

There are many factors to consider when it comes to detoxing the mind. With our general approach to everything, we often rush to find a cause or blame that we can quantify to place fault. In that fault, we are able to sidestep the process of discovery and ways to Alchemize each experience. This is a natural reaction and is very routine. In fact, almost every one of us goes through this difficult lesson and it is an easy one to fall back into. Remembering to keep this in mind in every situation is also not the easiest of tasks. You must create a new sub-program that will click on automatically each time the need arises. I will cover that in another Blog but it is important to note and consider, then release before beginning this breathing exercise. The sooner you begin breaking down old sub-programs the faster you can begin creating new ones.

Another factor to Detox is the amount of distortion you have internally and externally around you. Going outside, into an empty or organized room, into a dark room, or even using soundproof headphones. Sensory overload is a commonly overlooked reason for anxiety and stress. Moving internal, conversations, social media, television, diet, and even the EMF's around us, all create distortion on our inner being. Many of us have one of our main programs to please those closest to us even at great lengths of self-sacrifice. Unfortunately, a portion of people have never and may never know what knowledge of Self truly is, simply due to the drive to please family, friends, or peers. Imagine two out of tune instruments trying to play a song together. No matter how well or intensely either of them plays, the song will not be the lovely harmony it should be. We are these instruments. Again, more on this in another Blog. Still important to note and consider and release before beginning the breathing exercise.