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Djedi Foundational Breath Introduction: Detox your mind with this simple breath exercise

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

There are many factors to consider when it comes to detoxing the mind. With our general approach to everything, we often rush to find a cause or blame that we can quantify to place fault. In that fault, we are able to sidestep the process of discovery and ways to Alchemize each experience. This is a natural reaction and is very routine. In fact, almost every one of us goes through this difficult lesson and it is an easy one to fall back into. Remembering to keep this in mind in every situation is also not the easiest of tasks. You must create a new sub-program that will click on automatically each time the need arises. I will cover that in another Blog but it is important to note and consider, then release before beginning this breathing exercise. The sooner you begin breaking down old sub-programs the faster you can begin creating new ones.

Another factor to Detox is the amount of distortion you have internally and externally around you. Going outside, into an empty or organized room, into a dark room, or even using soundproof headphones. Sensory overload is a commonly overlooked reason for anxiety and stress. Moving internal, conversations, social media, television, diet, and even the EMF's around us, all create distortion on our inner being. Many of us have one of our main programs to please those closest to us even at great lengths of self-sacrifice. Unfortunately, a portion of people have never and may never know what knowledge of Self truly is, simply due to the drive to please family, friends, or peers. Imagine two out of tune instruments trying to play a song together. No matter how well or intensely either of them plays, the song will not be the lovely harmony it should be. We are these instruments. Again, more on this in another Blog. Still important to note and consider and release before beginning the breathing exercise.

As you can see, the staggering amount of things just listed there can be overwhelming. Not to mention, a lot to try to keep in mind, and many times the difficulty of changing your environment. This is why this simple breathe technique is so efficient, you can do it anywhere in a short amount of time. It is a type of "Box Breathing" that you can reference in the Alchemy Index.

First to clarify, although sitting and specific positions, settings, crystals, grids, music, mudras, and so on absolutely help; they are in no way ever "required" for this and many other meditative practices. This is a common misconception that many use as a crutch to avoid taking up the practice of meditation. The point is to quiet the mind and calm the Systems within your body. This creates clarity and less distortion within your Systems which allows for a more stable position. Rather you are on a yoga mat, a bed of grass, or even standing in a long line somewhere, you can use this technique to quickly center yourself and detox your mind.

I have included the Gif below as a visual tool you can use to practice until you master it on your own. There are more advanced versions of this exact exercise but we will keep this one simple. In Djedi Harmonic Application, we will be using two systems in rhythmic equality and by doing so create a third system/note/chord, in the same fashion as a musical chord. Djedi Alchemy focuses on the Law of Equivalent Exchange and deeply applies it to each practice. This breathing technique is a great first step of example and routine on your way to becoming a Djedi Alchemist.

Breathe. Do not attempt to clear your mind. Just breathe. Focus on the image above. As the shapes expand and open from the bottom, take a deep inhale all the way to the top, and the shapes being fully open. Once the shapes have reached their peak, exhale as they close and condense on another until they are back to just the dot at the bottom. Inhale. Exhale. In the same intensity, in the same rhythm. This is Equivalent Exchange. Inhale. Exhale. Follow the pattern of shapes and repeat the exchange in breath until it feels normal and natural. This in and out, performed in Harmony will in turn create a clear mental state. That is its "chord". This is an example of what Djedi refers to as the Conductor State. From this mental state, many other States and abilities become more easily accessible. Pending your level of focus and breathwork, this State may be reached within a few minutes or with enough training a few seconds. Do not rush this or any other practice. Eagerness to reach mastery creates a rush in your "current" trajectory and does not allow for the lessons to be embedded for instant recall when the time calls.

At the beginning of the exercise, it was mentioned not to clear your mind. This is to create a Djedi Mind Shift. A way of hacking your sub-program to work around an automated response. If you are told not to think about something or to clear your mind, generally that becomes the only thing you can think of. Instead of creating that distortion for yourself then trying to work around it, acknowledge it in whatever ways you need to momentarily but focus on the breathing exercise. Focus on the shapes expanding and contracting. Focus on your breathe.

The first Alchemy you perform when you are born is your first breath. It is the first time your body does math. The first Exchange. The first rule set you build all of your programs and sub-programs from. If and when you learn to control your breathe, you can follow it all the way back to these Systems and transmute them into non-toxic processes. As you continue to rebuild those processes, from repetition and new pathways formed in your psyche, you will inevitably perceive any situation as "toxic". You will begin to see it as the Energy Signature it is and how to then use it for the betterment of yourself and those around you.

Halo Marques

Djedi Alchemist

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