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Djedi Foundational Mantra Introduction: Platonic Solids, Elements, Aspects and Affirmations.

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Mantras. Sacred in their meaning. Words, sounds or phrase. Vibrations. Frequency. Repeating these Mantras outloud, in the mind or even in "broadcasting" form, chanted together is believed to create a spiritual or magical space and/or program the psyche to react in specific ways. You could almost assume it is very similar to self hypnosis. A variety of cultures and practioners have used Mantras for aeons.


There are many versions, sounds and other dogmatic versions of "how" and "why" these Mantras were created and implemented. In Djedi Alchemy there is no dogma outside of your own experience and ability to navigate your perceived reality. So, this practice like all others outside of Laws, are however you find them to work for yourself. If you would like to add or subract anything from the practice to create the sub-program/program you would prefer, then please feel free to Alchemize in your way. That being said, this is the Djedi Foundational Mantra Introduction and is to be utilized as a baseline while you familiarize yourself with its impact and possibilities. While you are always free to practice in your own way, it is extremely important to set a baseline and discipline to follow until you have acuired routine and memorization in Systems you are working with. The amount of time and discipline that takes is completely individual to each person. As with all Djedi Arts, eagerness to gain ability and perspective is a double-edged sword that will hinder your progress. Find ways to shift the Energy of eagerness into Energy of Focus or Discipline. Being fully present in the moment is much easier to achieve if you are dedicated to going slow and paying attention to your words, breathing and intention; one breathe at a time. If while in practice you continue to visualize the end goal, you will pull yourself out of the present moment and rush yourself to that finish line. Don't.

See the Djedi Foundational Chakra Introduction which will be posted soon for a more in depth look into Chakras, but for the pupose of the Djedi Mantras, here is a brief description to match with the image below.

Chakras are Energy centers that align from the bottom of the spine, ascending upwards to the top of your head. Each Chakra point or "node", regulates and controls difference aspects of the Physical body and the Energy body. Base Chakra information is as follows:


7th Chakra - Crown

Color - White

Platonic Solid/Shape - Ring, Crown or Halo

Frequency - 963hz

Aspect - Spirit

Element - Balance

6th Chakra - 3rd Eye

Color - Purple

Platonic Solid/Shape: Sphere

Frequency - 852hz

Aspect - Knowledge

Element - Light

5th Chakra - Throat

Color - Blue

Platonic Solid/Shape: Dodecahedron

Frequency - 741hz

Aspect - Truth

Element - Aether/Ether

4th Chakra - Heart

Color - Green

Platonic Solid/Shape: Octahedron

Frequency - 639hz

Aspect - Love

Element - Air

3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus

Color - Yellow

Platonic Solid/Shape: Tetrahedron

Frequency - 528hz

Aspect - Will

Element - Fire

2nd Chakra - Sacral

Color - Orange

Platonic Solid/Shape: Icosahedron

Frequency - 417hz

Aspect - Creation/Creative

Element - Water

1st Chakra - Base/Root

Color - Red

Platonic Solid/Shape: Cube

Frequency - 396hz

Aspect - Stength/Strong

Element - Earth


As you can see above, Chakras require a great deal of knowledge to have a full understanding and applicaplication. There will be other sections in the Index and Alchemy Blog for more details and even more in depth studies are available in the Djedi Alchemy programs that are subscription based. For now focus on the Aspects and Elements for the Djedi Mantras. You will see the list above and image below will match. After a breif review or the list of Chakras and their information, you can simple focus on the image below. Save a copy or even print one if it is easier until you have them memorized. This practice will be repeated over and over and at times, put aside for other studies, so if you ever forget do not fret. It is difficult enough to remember a few secrets of the Multiverse on top of everything else you go through day to day. Have a study guide, reference paper or even electronic file are all great things to have as a back up.

Djedi Alchemy training revolves around these Mantras as a foundation to all studies. When applying transmutation to the tangible Worlds, we first must acknowledge and understand the Elemental and mental Aspects of their building blocks. Different times are dedicated to exploring each Chakra/Element/Aspect/Energy/Pattern/Math, as they are all the same thing in different wave forms and vonacular accepted understanding. By repeating these Djedi Mantras, you create synapses and relation between each Chakras Aspects, Elements, and your ability to manipulate them OR how you could be manipulated by them. In both positive and negative ways, the Djedi study and experiment to find Balance. This cannot be achieve without acknowledgement and acceptence of the peace and chaos within our inner and outter Worlds.

In practice; rather affirming in your head, speaking outloud, chanted with others, you can technically begin with and focus on any one Djedi Mantra. If you want to go through them consectively, begin at the top (Crown) or at the bottom (Base/Root) and ascend or descend accordingly. As you repeat the Djedi Mantra, focus on that Chakra point in your body. Visualize the color that matches the listed color above as a circle, sphere or if you are able, the Platonic Solid for that Chakra.

Mantras can be done at any time of the day, however doing them just as you get out of bed or beginning your day. Spending time while you are getting ready for your day affirming your Mantras is a great Djedi Mind Shift to jump start your day with intention. It also reminds you of who and what you are. What you are capable of. Entering into Mantra ceremony whenever you are able and choose, invites you into a Sacred Space. As related to other Djedi Foundational materials, we are again using Djedi Harmonic Application to create an environment and Energy more fueled to our goals and peace of mind. In this example we are using Elements and Aspects in Harmony to enter the Conductor State. From this mental state, many other States and abilities become more easily accessible. Pending your level of focus and breathwork, this State may be reached within a few minutes or with enough training a few seconds.

Halo Marques

Djedi Alchemist

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