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Do you offer group consultations or workshops?

Currently, I am only able to offer them online. Zoom meetings have been working for the workshops I do now. Depending on the size, timeframe, and subject matter, I can even create a specific program. Contact me for any questions you may have.

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?

Questions. Honest answers. Some way to take notes if that is your learning style. With your request, we can record each sitting for study materials and revisits later on. Preferably in a quiet environment or a place you can fully engage in the conversation. Mostly, come ready to grow. Not change. Metaphorically, turning your crap into fertilizer is the goal.

How can I start working with you?

Contact me here and fill out the forms with how and why you would like to work together. Read over the Disclaimer and make sure you understand and accept the terms & conditions. Explore the site, links, and information provided here if you would like to skip steps or some of the basics with our time. 

How long does a session generally take?

There are a few different options listed in the Services tab. Most of the Djedi practices are more than just the treatment. Educational, strategic, and trajectory setting are equally as crucial as Energy Healing. The idea is to get each person to become self-sufficient with their healing and enjoyment of their experience we call Life. Teaching how to proactively live in a way to create Harmonious balance is the true way of the Djedi Alchemist.

How will I feel after a Djedi Alchemy session?

Initially many people feel very relaxed. Fluctuating between light and heavy. Calm and cool. Sometimes even a little discombobulated. However, if you have a preferred state to settle back into, depending on the type of session, we can do our best to create an environment in your inner and outer Worlds to take shape with that Energy instead. Do your best to be extra hydrated at least the day before and day after.

Can I become a Djedi Alchemist?

Absolutely! Chances are, if you are here, you are already dabbling in the Djedi Arts and just didn't know it. This site was built to offer pathways, information, and technology JUST so others could become Djedi Alchemists. I am designing it in a way, that if someone wants to take up their own studies and research the free information posted, they find a way to self-mastery through Djedi Alchemy. For those that need a little more guidance and want a more detailed and designed setting, I have created different Subscriptions

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