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Alchemy Retreat Thailand
July '24

                           HOSTED BY HALO MARQUES & NADIA ALI

Thailand Retreat - July: Text

Thailand 2024 Itinerary


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Ceremony of Spheres
Higher Self Connecting


Crown Chakra Enlightenment: Experience the Ceremony of Spheres

Exclusive to the Retreats, each student will receive 24 Crystal Spheres. Using Mystech's Resonance Technology, every Sphere is Imprinted with a specific Frequency that is used to find and balance all of your Energy Body's, Chakra Systems, Meridians, and Field Sensitivity. 

The Ceremony will introduce you to these incredible companions and allow you to tap into your body's natural ability to detect Energy. 

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Big Buddha Temple
Light Connecting


3rd Eye Activation at Big Buddha Temple, Koh Samui

Join us at Big Buddha Temple for a transformative session focused on 3rd Eye activation. Surrounded by this sacred site, engage in meditations and Energy practices to unlock spiritual wisdom and connect with Light Energy. A serene setting for spiritual awakening.

Overall, the Big Buddha Temple is a place where the Spiritual and the sublime converge, making it a profoundly moving destination for those seeking peace, reflection, and a deeper connection with their Spiritual-selves.


Secret Buddha Garden
Aether Connecting


Throat Chakra Empowerment at Secret Buddha Garden, Koh Samui

Experience Throat Chakra empowerment amidst the mystical Secret Buddha Garden. Surrounded by lush greenery and ancient stone statues, unlock your true voice and channeling abilities with targeted meditations and Energy work that connect you to the Aether. Discover the power of expression in this alchemical setting.


Waterfall Hike
Air Connecting


Heart Chakra Journey at Koh Samui Waterfall

Embark on a rejuvenating waterfall hike, designed to open and empower your Heart Chakra. As you connect with the element of Air, immerse yourself in nature’s embrace.

This experience fosters deep emotional healing and enhances love and compassion, all set against the tranquil sounds of cascading waters.


Flame Release Ceremony
Fire Connecting


Flame Release Ceremony for Solar Plexus Chakra, Koh Samui

Join us for a powerful Flame Release Ceremony in Koh Samui, aimed at strengthening the Solar Plexus Chakra. Connect with the element of Fire in a transformative experience that boosts confidence and personal power. This ritual helps ignite inner strength and assertiveness, empowering you in a setting of natural beauty.

Intergrating the innerstanding of how to transmute anything into fuel is a lifelong skill that you will develop in this ceremony.

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Angthong Marine Park
Water Connecting


Sacral Chakra Activation at Angthong Marine Park, Koh Samui

Dive into the vibrant energies of Angthong Marine Park to activate your Sacral Chakra. Connect with the element of Water in this breathtaking natural setting. Our session focuses on enhancing creativity and emotional balance, helping you flow with life's currents in harmony and grace amidst the park’s serene islands and blue waters.

We will visit the Emerald Lake (Talay Nai), a saltwater lake located on Koh Mae Ko. 


Elephant Sanctuary
Earth Connecting


Root Chakra Grounding at Koh Samui Elephant Sanctuary

Ground your Root Chakra at the Koh Samui Elephant Sanctuary, where you'll connect with the Earth and these majestic creatures. This sanctuary offers a safe haven for elephants retired from logging and entertainment industries. Enjoy the unique opportunity to feed, walk with, and observe the elephants in a respectful environment that promotes their well-being.

This experience fosters a deep connection to nature and stability, nurturing your foundation in the gentle presence of the sanctuary’s elephants.

Thailand Retreat - July: Projects



*Depending on the length of the Retreat and which Sanctuary of Sounds and Spheres you attend, the length and focus on each topic may vary.


Chakra Systems

Whether spiritual or Scientific, the human body is a powerhouse of Energies. Electrical, thermal, Consciousness, Auric, Ethereal, and so many more... "Chakras" being one of the oldest known systems, are a great place to begin understanding your body's Energy centers and meridians.


Discover the essence of Energy. The many forms from mana, prana, auric, magic, tethers, and more. In this topic, we will remind you of your Ka and the fields you have access to.

You'll learn to sense and feel these Energies, and in some cases, even see them. Gain valuable skills as you explore the art of manipulating these Energies, unlocking a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between mind, body, and Spirit.

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Astral Projection

Astral Projection is like taking a magical journey outside your body while you're still alive. Imagine your Spirit leaving your body and traveling to different places or even other realms.

People who practice Astral Projection say it feels real, like an amazing adventure where you can explore without limits, all while your body stays safe and sound. It's a bit like dreaming, but you're fully aware and in control of the experience.


Uniting combinations of ancient and modern practices, Djedi Alchemy harmonizes spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Students will learn the nature of healing, unlocking the secrets to balance and vitality. This combination brings forth genuine happiness, marking the commencement of true healing.

Of course, you're also going to learn about Energy healing practices and how to use them!

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Thailand Retreat - July: Resources

Bonus Items To Take Home

  • Mystro 432hz Headphones - Sound Therapy - $275 Value

  • 24 Frequency Spheres - Energy Sensory Practice - $1,200 Value

  • Personalized Program to return home with - $1,000 Value

  • Customized Mystech Frequency Jewelry - $500 Value

  • Alchemy Tools - $500+ Value

Total Value: $3,475

Crossing the River
Thailand Retreat - July: About Me
Thailand Retreat - July: About Me


  • Accommodations: Comfortable lodging facilities, which may include hotel rooms, cabins, villas, or other types of accommodations, for the 7-Day Retreat.

  • Dining: On-site. Healthy foods and drinks are designed to charge your body, preparing it for deep transformation. 3 meals per day.

  • Recreation Facilities: Swimming pools, beaches, gyms, massages, and other recreational areas to help guests unwind and stay active. 

  • Activities: Depending on the location and Sanctuary, we may offer various activities such as water sports, hiking, yoga, meditation, spa treatments, or cultural experiences.

  • Ground Transportation: Ground transportation is included if traveling with the group

                          Not Included

  • Travel to the Retreats outside of group-planned travel

  • Airfare to and from

  • Rental of motorbikes

  • Food outside of the planned retreat 

  • Simcards

  • Tip and gratuity are not included

  • Optional Activities - Massage, Spa, self-exploration, etc. outside of planned retreat

*Please contact me if you have any questions

*No Guarantee of Super Powers

Thailand Retreat - July: About Me
Image by Mantas Hesthaven

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