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Thailand Retreat - Sanctuary of Sounds & Spheres 7 Day Retreat

Thailand Retreat - Sanctuary of Sounds & Spheres 7 Day Retreat

Join the Sanctuary of Sounds and Spheres:

7-Day Spiritual Retreat in Koh Samui


Immerse yourself in a transformative journey through the mystical landscapes of Koh Samui, Thailand, with our Sanctuary of Sounds and Spheres retreat. This 7-day experience is designed to align and awaken your chakras, connect you deeply with the elements, and unlock your spiritual gifts in some of the most sacred spaces on the island.


Why Join The Sanctuary of Sounds and Spheres?


  • Crown Chakra Enlightenment: Kickstart your spiritual ascent at our Ceremony of Spheres, where you'll interact with 24 spheres, each imprinted with distinct frequencies. This powerful session promotes a profound connection to your Higher Self and the cosmos, surrounded by Koh Samui's serene beauty.

  • Third Eye Activation: At the iconic Big Buddha Temple, engage in practices that enhance your inner vision and connection to Light energy. This serene environment fosters insight and spiritual clarity under the gaze of the majestic golden Buddha.

  • Throat Chakra Empowerment: In the Secret Buddha Garden, surrounded by ancient statues and lush nature, discover and empower your true voice. Here, targeted meditations help you master the art of spiritual communication and channeling.

  • Heart Chakra Journey: Connect with the element of Air on a revitalizing waterfall hike. This journey through nature’s cascades opens your heart, enhancing feelings of love and compassion while inviting emotional balance.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra Empowerment: Ignite your inner fire with a Flame Release Ceremony. This transformative experience boosts your confidence and personal power, helping you assert your place in the world with boldness and authority.

  • Sacral Chakra Activation: Explore the vibrant ecosystems of Angthong Marine Park. Connecting with the Water element in this stunning marine environment supports emotional balance and sparks creativity.

  • Root Chakra Grounding: Find stability and a deep sense of connection to the Earth at the Koh Samui Elephant Sanctuary. Interact respectfully with these majestic animals, fostering a grounding experience that nurtures your foundational energies.


Booking Details: Spaces are limited, and reservations require a deposit by 30 days before the retreat’s start at the end of July. Registration remains open until June 30th. Once registered, we will go over travel arrangements and profile tocreate a personalized experience and program.


Bonus Items To Take Home:

  • Mystro 432hz Headphones - Sound Therapy - $275 Value

  • 24 Frequency Spheres - Energy Sensory Practice - $1,200 Value

  • Personalized Program to return home with - $1,000 Value

  • Customized Mystech Frequency Jewelry - $500 Value

  • Alchemy Tools - $500+ Value

Total Value: $3,475



  • Accommodations: Comfortable lodging facilities, which may include hotel rooms, cabins, villas, or other types of accommodations, for the 7-Day Retreat.

  • Dining: On-site. Healthy foods and drinks are designed to charge your body, preparing it for deep transformation. 3 meals per day.

  • Recreation Facilities: Swimming pools, beaches, gyms, massages, and other recreational areas to help guests unwind and stay active. 

  • Activities: Depending on the location and Sanctuary, we may offer various activities such as water sports, hiking, yoga, meditation, spa treatments, or cultural experiences.

  • Ground Transportation: Ground transportation is included if traveling with the group


 Not Included:

  • Travel to the Retreats outside of group-planned travel

  • Airfare to and from

  • Rental of motorbikes

  • Food outside of the planned retreat 

  • Simcards

  • Tip and gratuity are not included

  • Optional Activities - Massage, Spa, self-exploration, etc. outside of planned retreat

*Please contact me if you have any questions

*No Guarantee of Super Powers


For more information and to secure your spot, contact:

Halo Marques


Please review our Thailand Retreat page HERE before purchasing.


Don’t miss this opportunity to explore, heal, and transform at the Sanctuary of Sounds and Spheres, where each day promises to bring you closer to your spiritual essence in the breathtaking setting of Koh Samui.

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