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Djedi Alchemist. My life's journey has taken me through what seemed like chaos until I realized the Library of Knowledge was disguised as pandemonium. I learned to change my perception deeply and profoundly. Coupling the understanding of Alchemy and the Technology I have been developing for over a decade, I am blessed to have a unique view and application to our perceived "Reality". It is both Mysticism and Science, that has helped me remember and redevelop the Ancient Art of Djedi Alchemy. All things have a Frequency. YOU are your own Uni-Verse(One Song) in the Multi-Verse(Grand Harmony). Although many are unaware of what that Truly means. I felt the pull of this Vision even as a child. To help people remember who and what they are. To awaken them to their highest good, not what others expect to be their highest good, but the YOU that's layered over a lifetime of other Frequencies, creating distortion and disharmony throughout your entire being. Being raised by a single mom, with 2 brothers and now a beautiful family of my own are huge factors in my discovery of these "layers". With their help, directly and indirectly, I further learned, there is a spectrum of contrast to everything we see with our individual value system that creates chaos derived from a misguided Ego. My intention in teaching Alchemy is not about making things levitate (yet), but to teach you to acknowledge your Lead and turn it into Gold. In all things. Creation and Manifestation come from Harmonics. You are the perfect Conductor. Let us journey inward to find your bio-blueprint and instruction guide. Then, maybe, you too will join in The Great Work.


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Alchemy 101 is a dual Podcast/Online Radio broadcast on artistfirst.com, Thursdays at 8 pm PST. Exploring old and new ways of living, focused on creating symbiotic relationships with everything and using each experience as a deep life lesson. Everything is energy, everything is math. On these shows, I attempt to create new ways of Critical Thinking and deprogramming underlying subprograms that create havoc in our day to day lives. You can click on the link below to see the Youtube podcasts.
"Acknowledge your lead and turn it into Gold"


EMF Protection and Biotech products. Using our proprietary Resonance Technology we are able to "Imprint" Frequencies into items to create incredible effects! Diffusing EMF pollution from the body allows for optimization in every system in the body. Other Frequencies can balance and enhance certain aspects and attributes as well. "Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies. -Albert Einstein" Welcome to the Future


In my years studying Energy, Technology, and Alchemy; I never saw a personal "need" for Essential Oils. In some occasions sure I would use them but I didn't realize how "Essential" they were until the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic hit. My 2 year old had been hit with this thing 3 weeks before anyone knew what it was. Keeping his fever down was tricky but we couldn't get his breathing under control until we started using "Breathe" by doTerra. Using these oils, in fusion with the Resonance Technology at Mystech, I created "Emerald Alchemy". A synergestic approach to Imprinting Frequencies into the Oils and bottles to create an incredible healing tool! We will have the Imprinted Oils and Vials available soon but the link below can get you started with the base essential oils in the meantime.


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