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Buy Car Frame

One type of damage that a dealer may try to hide from buyers is frame damage. Frame damage occurs when a vehicle is involved in an accident and is hit at a crucial part of its structure, causing bending, shifting, or cracking of the frame. Structural damage such as this can put occupants at risk as the frame is what protects them from injury in a crash. A damaged frame can also lead to a weakening of other parts of the car which could mean more problems down the road.

buy car frame

It is not illegal for a dealer to sell cars that have previously been in an accident or have mechanical problems, but he is required to disclose any problems he knows about, if asked! There is no requirement to disclose accidents or problems he knows about unless asked about it by you. So always ask about any prior accidents or mechanical problems, and always have a witness with you. If you purchase a used car and later discover that it has frame damage that you were not told about, you may have a case against the dealer for fraud. Working with an auto fraud attorney will make the process of seeking compensation much easier. Call The Consumer Law Group for more information about pursuing an auto fraud case.

There is one condition that a car dealership must comply with before selling a frame damaged vehicle to a consumer. The frame damage must be disclosed, in writing, and when it is not, the failure to disclose car frame damage turns into auto fraud. When auto frame damage is not disclosed to a consumer , the consumer should then consult an experienced auto fraud and frame damage lawyer. Whitney, LLP offers free attorney consultations to victims of auto fraud and frame damage in the Baltimore area and throughout Maryland.

In our experience, the dealership will deny knowing about the frame damage once the consumer realizes their car is damaged and confronts the dealer. Do not be surprised by an outright denial that is 100% false. Unfortunately, this scam is pulled successfully most of the time and the dealer believes they can get away with it.

Consumers usually discover the frame damage in one of several ways: once they try to obtain insurance for the vehicle, and the vehicle comes back as uninsurable due to the damage; once something goes wrong on the vehicle and the body shop or mechanic discovers the damage; once they get routine maintenance performed and mechanic notices the damage; or they purchase an AutoCheck or CarFax report and learn the truth. Sometimes a dealership will show the customer a CarFax report that does not yet been updated with the damage, and sometimes a dealership will show a CarFax for another VIN number. A comprehensive way to check the history of the vehicle is to get the CarFax and AutoCheck reports, and have an independent mechanic inspect the vehicle before purchase.

Car auctions offer frame damaged and water damaged vehicles for sale to dealerships. Auctions are required to disclose the damage on a vehicle before selling it to dealerships. There are at least three ways that the auction can disclose when it is selling a damaged vehicle. When the car is announced for sale, a red or yellow light will come on in the lane the vehicle is in. This signals to the car dealer buying the vehicle that the car has a problem. The description of the car that is read to the crowd of potential buyers will also announce the type of damage the car has. Finally, the receipt for the vehicle should state that the type of damage.

Call or email us. We have represented clients who were sold frame damaged vehicles by a car dealership, discovered the damage after the sale, then confronted the dealership manager and were flat out lied to and told there was no damage. Investigation revealed that the car had been purchased as a damaged vehicle at auction, and the paperwork proved it.

If you, a family member or a friend has been the victim of buying a frame damaged, water damaged or otherwise damaged vehicle, contact us. Our lawyers know how to hold fraudulent car dealerships responsible for selling damaged vehicles to consumers. Remedies can include getting out of the finance contract, returning the vehicle for a full refund, and obtaining compensation for being defrauded. Our legal fees and any case expenses are paid only out of a recovery we achieve.

Coming out of an accident unharmed would be one lucky day but your car won't have that luck, there's a good chance you have just damaged the structural frame of the car and it might never drive or be as safe again.

When there is frame damage reported, this means there may be damage to parts of the vehicle that provide structural support. Since the frame is the foundation of your car, frame damage is typically a huge deal.

Unirail: Two symmetrical metal beams located at the front and back of the car. These rails are one of the strongest parts of the frame and are also the foundation for other components that will get welded onto these rails, like the apron for example.

Firewall: This is the part of the frame that separates the motor from the cockpit. The firewall alongside the apron, strut tower, front rails and core support make up the front unibody and engine bay of a car.

Car frames are designed to crumple in very specific ways upon impact. The intent behind the design is to ensure that if a car is involved in a heavy collision, no part of the car will bend in or squash in such a way that it maims the driver and passengers.

Sometimes the best choice is to sell your vehicle and avoid any further depreciation. If you want to turn that wrecked or junk car that has a banged up frame, then sell it to CarBrain. We are experts ready to help you sell your car online.

Yes. The frame is the structural integrity for the vehicle. Any damage to the frame can impact anything from whether the car has the ability to drive safe to whether it will protect you or kill you in a crash. Frame damage can worsen over time if neglected, as well, increasing the risk of an unexpected accident.

Once you have exposed the frame, you can now begin addressing the rust itself. Use a drill and a wire brush wheel to remove the loose rust. During this part of the process, you will need to wear a mask and goggles, as there will be rust particles flying everywhere.

If the rust is severe to the point where it has eaten small holes into the frame, pack them loosely with wire mesh, then fill them with body filler and sand smooth. Once complete, wait for the body filler to dry.

I found out about one such dealer when a friend went to trade his car and was hit with a surprising report of frame damage. He had purchased a Nissan Pathfinder a few years earlier and the selling dealer had supplied a clean Carfax through its website and offered a printout on the test drive. The car was inspected before the sale and everything seemed to be in order, so he bought it and drove it for two years.

He started shopping for a new vehicle and asked one of the dealers to evaluate the Pathfinder for a trade-in value. The dealer came back offering about half of the market value because they had found frame damage on the history report. The dealer brought a printout of the Carfax and Autocheck that showed the Pathfinder had been announced with frame damage at the auction four months before his purchase.

The report was taken back to the original selling dealer of the Pathfinder. The dealer played dumb and pulled out a copy of the original report stating that they had no knowledge of the frame damage. My friend decided to open a case with Carfax. Since it had been so long there was not much that could be done. Carfax explained that its database is comprehensive but relies on other parties to submit much of the information. That can take months or years for certain cars.

I pulled up the inventory of another one of the dealers and was quickly able to find a vehicle that matched the scam. The dealer offers a free Carfax report for the car which shows a clean history and even offers some sort of engine warranty. The Carfax shows that the vehicle was inspected at auction and its condition was marked as above average. Running the VIN through Autocheck shows the same auction date and odometer but shows an announcement for frame damage. The vehicle is worth much less according to Autocheck, but Carfax is none the wiser.

I have found numerous incidents where Carfax was inaccurate.Auto auctions report vehicles that have holes drilled in the frame as frame damaged too. If your pickup has/had a gooseneck hitch, it likely has extra holes which constitute frame damage by the auction and Carfax.I had a car which Carfax showed having been in a moderate collision in Hawaii two months after I purchased it. The car was (and still is) in Minnesota since new, and I certainly didn't take it to Hawaii. When I contacted Carfax about this, they asked me to prove it wasn't in Hawaii on that day! The collision I DID have several years later, doesn't show up, but my fictitious Hawaii crash is still there.

The salesman pulled up the car fax report on my 2013 Volt before I bought it a few weeks ago. It was clean but now after reading this who knows. I know the dealer bought it at auction and it was from Ohio originally. Nothing seems funky about it that would leave me to believe it's been repaired. Personally I could car less about a little fender bender just don't want anything that's been on a frame rack. Especially a Volt with that battery pack running down its spine.

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