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Muslim Avdeev
Muslim Avdeev

First Time Teen Dildo

For anyone who fancies trying a rabbit vibrator (which aims for dual clit and internal stimulation) this cute Lovehoney rabbit is perfect for first timers. It has 10 vibration speeds and patterns but is still affordable and, with an insertable length of 4 inches, it isn't too big at all.

first time teen dildo

Pebble - or clit - vibrators are a great option for sex toy first timers. They fit well in the palm of your hand, so are really easy to use and move around (especially if you've applied lube to your hand first). This Desire toy has a lot going for it: made from high quality silicone and is re-chargeable via USB. It's also been voted the world's best vibrator by Good Housekeeping... 041b061a72


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