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Muslim Avdeev
Muslim Avdeev

Ladyboy Chin Pics NEW!

I love the intensity and purpose in her eyes. The soft feminine contour of her cheekbones and chin enhance her beauty as well. Of course, I'm attracted to her lower body, and would love to stare that cat tattoo in the eye while swallowing her cock.

ladyboy chin pics


She is stunning. I can just imagine how fantastic it would be to have that bulbous head shoved forcefully into my tight, lightly lubed ass. Initial pain giving way to ecstasy as she pumps me hard. Pulling the head completely out and thrusting back in-bottoming out inside me. I moan as she pulls out, quickly removing her condom, putting her throbbing cock in my mouth just as she erupts, quenching me with her warm cum.

Regrettably she is going to be greeting a pair of bolt-ons soon so I've heard , hardly surprising though and I really hope she leaves it at that and doesn't go down the witches chin and big ass route, very pretty girl as she is.

Indeed. Sadly, Candy may be going down the typical road of so many ladyboys these days. Silicone tits (usually too big and not well-installed) and way too much ink. Boring. Yawn. Dime a dozen. Move along, folks, nothing to see here.... 041b061a72


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