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Entrepreneurship Case Studies With Questions And Answers [UPDATED]

There are many different questions used in the McKinsey personal experience interview, but they generally boil down to 3 key characteristics that the firm is looking for in its consultants: leadership, personal impact, and entrepreneurial drive. McKinsey is also looking for candidates with great problem solving, but this is primarily tested with the case study question.

Entrepreneurship Case Studies With Questions And Answers

We look at talent through the lens of who they are and their potential. We aim to attract individuals with diverse backgrounds, which is critical to help us deliver distinctive client service, and also to make our firm a richer and better place. During your interview*, we'll ask you to share examples from your personal experiences. Your responses to these questions help us understand your accomplishments and challenges beyond your CV and discover skills you possess that will help you thrive at McKinsey.

Case studies are customers' stories that your sales team can use to share relevant content with prospects. Not only that, but case studies help you earn a prospect's trust, show them what life would be like as your customer, and validate that your product or service works for your clients.

Before you start building your library of case studies, check out our list of 100 case study questions to ask your clients. With this helpful guide, you'll have the know-how to build your narrative using the "Problem-Agitate-Solve" Method.

A questionnaire should never feel like an interrogation. Instead, aim to structure your case study questions like a conversation. Some of the essential things that your questionnaire should cover include:

A good case study is designed to build trust. Ask clients to describe the tools and processes they used before your product or service. These kinds of case study questions will highlight the business' need they had to fulfill and appeal to future clients.

Your case study questions should ask about your product or solution's impact on the customer's employees, teams, metrics, and goals. These questions allow the client to praise the value of your service and tell others exactly what benefits they derived from it.

[Name of your company] is building a library of case studies to include on our site. We're looking for successful companies using [product] to solve interesting challenges, and your team immediately came to mind. Are you open to [customer company name] being featured?

You can also find potential case study customers by usage or product data. For instance, maybe you see a company you sold to 10 months ago just bought eight more seats or upgraded to a new tier. Clearly, they're happy with the solution. Try this template:

This is the most important reason why case studies are effective. They are testimonials from your customers of your service. If someone is considering your business, a case study is a much more convincing piece of marketing or sales material than traditional advertising.

Case studies can also be useful during a sales pitch. In sales, timing is everything. If a customer is explaining a problem that was solved and discussed in your case study, you can quickly find the document and share it with them.

Case studies, on the other hand, are more data-driven. While they'll still talk about how great your brand is, they support this claim with quantitative data that's relevant to the reader. It's hard to argue with data.

Use the case study questions above to create an ideal customer case study questionnaire. By asking your customers the right questions, you can obtain valuable feedback that can be shared with potential leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Please refer to Entrepreneurship Class 12 Exam Questions with solutions below. These important exams solved questions have been prepared based on the latest books and syllabus issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. Our team of expert teachers of Class 12 Entrepreneurship has designed these based on the latest examination guidelines and the type of questions expected to come in the examinations.

We have provided exam questions with solutions for all chapters in Standard 12 Entrepreneurship. You should learn these before the examinations as the answers have been designed to help you get better marks. You can click on the chapter-wise links below to access all problems and solutions for free. These will also help you to clear all concepts and improve your understanding of Entrepreneurship in Class 12.

It is important for students to prepare for Class 12 Entrepreneurship exams properly and practice questions and answers which have been designed based on the latest guidelines on the type of questions to be asked in the upcoming class 12 Entrepreneurship examination. We have also provided MCQ Questions for Class 12 Entrepreneurship which will be very useful for students. This year more MCQ-based questions and Case study-based questions are expected in examinations. We have provided all the latest questions which are expected to come in exams on our website. Students in Class 12 should download these questions in Pdf and share with teachers and friends.

Below is a modest stab at assembling the most important questions in business. After 14 years at Forbes studying companies young and old, with various business models and in a host of industries, I can safely say that, if you dig deep enough, nearly every strategy, tactic and in-the-trenches decision stems from the answers to these questions. Each case study has its nuances---business is ultimately about people, and no two are alike, let alone entire management teams, client lists and corporate cultures. Yet it turns out, as in fiction, that there are only so many plot lines to go around.

Lists of Cases/Researcher Profiles/Figures/Tables in the Book with page numbers are provided as quick reference for instructors to see all of the case and visual content in the book together at a glance.

For advice to support your studies visit the SAGE Study Skills website for videos, quizzes and tips to help with your essay and dissertation writing, presentations, literature reviews and more.

In this edition, the authors have included cases at the end of every chapter, allowing for investigative inquiry into a contemporary phenomenon within a real-world context. These carefully crafted cases are culturally relevant to the region and reflect the social, economic and historical realities within which prospective entrepreneurs must operate.

The revised edition offers varied exercises to illuminate concepts and theories, convenient chapter summaries throughout the entire book, multiple choice questions and answers and a glossary of key terms and concepts.

Sustainable business model innovation can effectively cope with the complex and changing external environment in the digital economy, which is the key for enterprises to gain sustainable competitive advantage, and entrepreneurship is closely related to sustainable business models. However, the process and mechanism of the role of entrepreneurship on sustainable business model innovation are not clear in existing studies. The purpose of this article is to illustrate how entrepreneurship leads to and influences sustainable business model innovation. Based on the perspective of digital capabilities, this article adopts an exploratory single-case study to explore the new connotation of entrepreneurship and its influence mechanism on sustainable business model innovation. The study found that innovation spirit, adventure spirit, and co-benefit entrepreneurship have emerged in the digital economy. Through the inherent role of digital sensing capabilities, digital seizing capabilities, and digital transformation capabilities, sustainable business model innovation is effectively designed and implemented to achieve multidimensional value creation and capture. This article adds to the latest literature on sustainable business model innovation for enterprises through case evidence.

This article is structured as follows. The next section focuses on the literature review of sustainable business model innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital capabilities and leads to research questions. Next is the method part, emphasizing the background research and data collection and analysis process. Then, it is the finding and discussion part. Finally, it expounds the theoretical significance, practical enlightenment, and research limitations of the article.

Entrepreneurship theory believe that entrepreneurs are guides of enterprises' strategic direction and are able to identify innovation opportunities and play a key role in enterprises' strategic decisions [33]. Schumpeter put forward in 1934 that entrepreneurship is a series of behaviors initiated for the purpose of creating economic value and required to manage the redistribution of economic resources. Some scholars pointed out in subsequent studies that entrepreneurship includes innovation spirit and adventure spirit. Entrepreneurship is a managerial trait displayed by managers in organizational change [34] and is closely related to the development of new products and services in organizations [35, 36]. In fact, the development of enterprises in every era needs to be led by unique entrepreneurship, which is the core driving force to promote sustainable development. Managerial cognition determines the strategic direction of enterprises, and enterprise managers profoundly influence the innovation of enterprise business models.

Third, as an emerging phenomenon in recent years, the management practices behind platform enterprises have not been deeply interpreted, and single-case studies are more suitable for the distillation of laws and theoretical induction behind a particular phenomenon [67].

To ensure the scientific validity and accuracy of the findings, this article uses multiple sources to collect data for triangulation. Since November 2018, the research team has conducted continuous follow-up research on WD. In 2018, we interviewed WD 1 time and were invited to WD's Healthcare Conference in Beijing. After the conference, we conducted a half-hour interview with the Vice President of WD. In 2019, we continued to follow the company's trends and visited WD's Tianjin office once to interview the Vice President and obtain a 3-hour recorded interview, followed by one call-back to confirm previously unclear information and ask new questions and one follow-up online interview with the head of WD Tianjin due to the manager's schedule and other reasons. Until October 2021, we have conducted a total of four interviews with WD, with a total of three interviews lasting more than seven hours. Each interview panel consisted of at least three researchers, led by supervisors and involving PhD and MSc students. At the end of each interview, transcript transcription of the recording was completed within 12 hours. When new information appears, we will conduct a telephone return visit within 24 hours to ensure the accuracy of the information. 041b061a72


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