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Muslim Avdeev
Muslim Avdeev

Daniela Mercury Discography Torrent

the irresistible party tune of the group, seen and heard here in their most disco version. in a way, it acts as the prequel to their disco debut, sounding like it belongs in a party being played by the band. with such shimmering synths, a great disco sample of the pan combinator (for the catchy prechorus), a powerful vocal line and a straightforward arrangement, this track is a great example of the way that disco tracks were mixed and re-mixed over the years (and, after the release of their debut, the way they would go on to be used as the backbone for future dance floor classics).

Daniela Mercury Discography Torrent

the key, and title track to their debut album, finds the band on the full blast by the time the chorus has finished. as the original love is on the way was a track with a seductive, downtempo vibe, this remix opens up for something else entirely. here, with the addition of a driving drum groove, it becomes a more dancefloor friendly song, which carries on to a final chorus that allows for that ultimate line-up to become one final passionate line.

zanzibar on fire never escaped the buzzsaw keyboard of group leader and main songwriter ron flowers, let alone the group. though the album doesnt feature the group as a whole, it does includes bandmember guitarist colin clifford. this track however gives the most insight into the synthpop and strings sound with which the groups third album is completed. funky organ, looping bass, serrated synth attack and the unforgettable chorus is the stuff which legends are made of.

the english metalheads overtones on the vocals make dont miss a heartbeat a good pick for fans of their more commercial releases. though hijos del sol is no slade, the lyrics are a lot more subdued than the usual fare of most such bands, perhaps giving a clue to the group origins. their debut is a slick slice of glam rock with a great chorus and one of their brightest songs. the band split up almost immediately after the album was released, but the single and album were issued as emi 7" vinyl. re-recording for the 1992 mercury/polygram cd completely clips 2 added the post 9/11 touch-up of the opening guitar line.


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