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Password Protect Video Master V8

You can play the encrypted video file by using the Password protected video. The video file will show a dialog box when the users want to view the video to request a Playback Password for the player to play the video. The user can use this password to play the video on the computer. If users want to play the encrypted video using the file playing software such as Windows Media Player, Media Center, VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic, Totem, Quicktime etc. Then you can set a play back password. (What the video play back password is, the configuration dialog box will pop up and appear.)In this case, the player is authorized to only play the encrypted video file with the password specified.

Password Protect Video Master V8

Use this Password software to encrypt your video files or create a Playback Password for your video files. No temporary file is created to encrypt your video files. How to encrypt video files It encrypts the video file with a Password you specify, then convert video to an EXE file which can only be played when a Playback Password is provided. It supports most video file playback through the Password-protected, the video files including wmv, avi, mpg, vob, mov, mp4, flv, mkv and other file formats. Unlike software such as WinZip, compress files using a Password to protect video files, video playback requires uncompression. Password-protected video playback, without waiting for uncompression, no temporary files. How to play Password protected video files Because the Password protected video file is encrypted, when a user wants to play a Password-protected video file, the Password-protected video file will pop up a dialog box to request the user to enter a Playback Password. This dialog box will display the machine ID of the user's computer(a unique ID for that Machine and video). The user can send his/her own machine ID to you, and you can create a Playback Password based on the users machine ID. After that the user can use this Playback Password to play your file on his/her computer. How to protect video sharing The Playback Password is created based on the users machine ID, the user will not be able to share the Playback Password with other users. So the user will not be able to redistribute your video files.


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